Official advice for New Zealanders living and travelling overseas

About this site

This is an official website of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade featuring travel and consular information for New Zealanders. This website is designed to help make your overseas travel experience safe by providing guidance on how to prepare for your travel, and what to do if trouble strikes you overseas. The website contains general travel advice, as well as specific travel advisories for particular areas.

Helping you help yourself

This site contains information to help you prepare for your overseas travel and advice on what to do if anything goes wrong when you are overseas. We encourage you to read through the pages on the site before contacting the nearest New Zealand embassy with any questions as you may find the answers on the site.

This website is not a travel guide

We don’t aim to provide you with information you can obtain from a normal travel guide. Our information relates to the services we can provide New Zealanders if they encounter difficulties overseas. Our travel advisories are based on specialised information we receive about security and other risks.

About our travel advisories

Although we have attempted to include a comprehensive list of countries on this site, we do not have specific advice for each country. To help you make an informed decision about countries you may be planning to visit we have included links to travel advice on other governments' foreign service websites. We are not responsible for the content of these sites.

You can read more about our advisories and the risk ratings we use on What do our travel advisories mean?.

Terms used on this site

Embassies, etc: Throughout the website, we refer to our offices overseas as "Embassies". This term includes High Commissions and other representative offices.

Consular services: These are the services we can provide to New Zealanders who are outside New Zealand.