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The Royal Commission of Inquiry wants you to share your COVID-19 experience with them

Posted: 20 February 2024, 08:49 NZDT

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated border closures affected each and every one of us, both here in New Zealand and living overseas. The Royal Commission wants to hear about your experiences or observations of the COVID-19 response, whatever they might be. By hearing from you, from whānau, organisations and the wider community, the Commission can help to ensure we’re as prepared as possible for the next pandemic response. Have your more

Outbreaks of Polio

Reviewed: 19 February 2024, 13:30 NZDT

Polio is an infectious disease caused by a virus that can spread from person to person or through contaminated water or food. Many people who are infected don’t feel sick or have symptoms.  Some people have only minor symptoms such as fever, nausea, headache, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, stiffness in the neck and back, and pain in the arms and legs.  A small proportion of those with symptoms develop paralysis. The World more

Brazil: Carnival 2024

Updated: 13 February 2024, 11:30 NZDT

Brazil’s annual Carnival festivals take place in February, with the Rio Carnival scheduled for 9 February – 17 February 2024. These events are usually associated with an influx of foreign visitors to Brazil. New Zealanders planning on attending this year’s festivals or travelling in Brazil during the Carnival period should read this information in conjunction with our travel advisory for Brazil. DengueNew Zealanders throughout more

Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Lebanon: Security Situation

Reviewed: 22 December 2023, 09:21 NZDT

On 7 October 2023, rockets were fired from Gaza across southern and central Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. There is currently a large-scale ongoing conflict occurring in areas of southern Israel close to the border with Gaza and within Gaza. Israel has expanded its ground operations in Gaza and military operations are expected to continue. The conflict has the potential to impact the security situation in the wider region. more

Need a visa for travelling overseas?

Reviewed: 6 December 2023, 14:35 NZDT

New Zealanders travelling overseas may require a visa in order to enter certain countries. Please check with your travel agent or with the Embassy or High Commission of the countries you intend to visit/transit to find out their visa requirements as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is unable to advise on the visa requirements of other countries.   You should research visa requirements well in advance of your departure.& more

Pacific Cyclone Season: 1 November to 30 April

Reviewed: 26 October 2023, 14:45 NZDT

The Pacific cyclone season runs from 1 November until 30 April. New Zealanders travelling to the Pacific are encouraged to register their details with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Travellers who register can be warned if a major cyclone approaches and given advice on precautions to take. If you are in an area affected by a cyclone, you should follow the advice of the local authorities at all times (including any more

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