Official advice for New Zealanders living and travelling overseas

Missing persons

Locating missing persons overseas

Locating missing persons overseas is primarily a Police matter. If you have serious concerns about a New Zealander missing overseas, you should first contact your nearest New Zealand Police station to discuss making a Missing Persons report.

There is information on how to make a Missing Persons report to New Zealand Police at:

Consular staff may be able to assist if:

  • there is reason to be concerned for the missing New Zealander’s safety and welfare
  • all other methods of contact have been unsuccessful.

Consular staff cannot help in cases that involve:

  • a temporary lack of contact
  • maintenance support
  • creditors or debt collection agencies
  • genealogical projects
  • non-New Zealand citizens

The missing person has a right to privacy. If Consular staff are able to locate a missing New Zealander overseas, they may not be able to pass on the person’s whereabouts. It would be up to that person to make contact with the enquirer if they wished.

Locating missing persons in New Zealand

If you have an enquiry about a person you believe is missing in New Zealand, you should contact your nearest New Zealand Police station.

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