Official advice for New Zealanders living and travelling overseas

Victims of crime

Violent crime
Being the victim of a violent crime overseas, including armed robbery, sexual assault and car-jacking, is an extremely stressful experience.  If possible, find a safe location and talk to someone you trust to support you so that you can consider your safety, medical care, legal concerns and reporting the crime.

Please contact the nearest New Zealand Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate if you would like consular assistance - consular staff may be able to provide you with advice on reporting the crime to the local police, locating appropriate medical care, counselling options, or providing a list of English speaking lawyers or medical professionals.

You may wish to consider appointing a lawyer for local legal advice or to pursue a complaint if you depart the country.  In most countries, you must report the crime before you leave the country if you want it to be investigated (or to lodge a claim against your insurance). Consular staff cannot provide legal advice.

It is extremely important to note that in some countries sex outside of marriage is illegal.  Due to their laws it is possible that the local authorities in those countries may treat you as the criminal rather than the victim.  There have been cases where sexual assault victims have been arrested after reporting an incident to local police or their medical provider.   Please contact your nearest embassy, high commission or consulate as soon as possible for further guidance and support on this issue.

You and your family can also contact New Zealand Victim Support direct for advice and support.

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