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Viet Nam: Motorcycle Travel

For adventurous New Zealanders, motorcycle travel can seem like a great way to see Viet Nam and travel around the country.  But travellers are reminded of the significant risks associated with motor cycle travel in Viet Nam.  Accidents are common and can result in serious injury and even fatalities.  Rental motorcycles are often poorly maintained and the helmets provided do not meet New Zealand safety standards. Roading conditions also bring additional risks and the riding habits you are used to in New Zealand are likely to differ vastly in Viet Nam.

We recommend against motorcycle travel in Viet Nam. However, if travellers plan to travel by motorcycle either as a rider or passenger they should consider bringing their own New Zealand travel safety-approved helmet with them.  Travellers should also have comprehensive travel and medical insurance , including medevac and confirm that your insurance covers you in case of motorcycle accidents – either as a driver or passenger.  The risks are very real and travellers are recommended to carefully think about their safety when considering options for travel on Viet Nam’s roads.

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