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Travel Insurance

If you’re heading overseas, don’t forget to take out comprehensive travel insurance. Your policy should cover any activities you plan to undertake (from scuba diving to scooter riding), personal liability, medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, and any pre-existing medical conditions. Even minor medical treatment can be very expensive overseas.

If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.

If you suffer an injury overseas and return to New Zealand, ACC may be able to help with treatment costs in New Zealand, but only if you intended to be overseas for less than six months. ACC is unable to cover expenses incurred overseas. Visit the ACC website to learn more.

Consumer NZ travel insurance guide

We have been working with Consumer NZ to help create a useful travel insurance guide for New Zealand travellers. The guide helps you navigate the sometimes complex world of travel insurance. It provides timely and useful information on policy types, insurance coverage, personal liability and how to make a successful insurance claim if you get into difficulty while travelling. 

To read Consumer NZ’s travel insurance guide, click here.

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