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New Language for Travel Advisories

We have changed the language we use within our travel advisory levels categories, to make them more useful for New Zealanders travelling overseas.

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade now uses a four level system to give advice in each of our travel advisories:

-   Exercise normal safety and security precautions

-   Exercise increased caution

-   Avoid non-essential travel

-   Do not travel

This system supersedes the risk-based language we used previously (“no significant risk”, “some risk”, “high risk” and “extreme risk”). 

The substance of our 135 travel advisories has not changed, just the language used to headline our advice. We hope that this will make our advisories clearer, and that it will be easier to compare them with advisories issued by other countries. The new advisory level language is very similar to that used by Australia, Canada, Ireland, France and the United States.

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