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Need a visa for travelling overseas?

New Zealanders travelling overseas may require a visa in order to enter certain countries. Please check with your travel agent or with the Embassy or High Commission of the countries you intend to visit/transit to find out their visa requirements as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is unable to advise on the visa requirements of other countries.  

You should research visa requirements well in advance of your departure. If you do not have the required visa for the country you wish to enter, your airline may refuse to board you. You also may be refused entry by border officials on arrival, as is their right with every visitor to their country.  

Some countries require that your passport has at least six months’ validity remaining after your intended departure from the country you are visiting. We recommend you also check with embassies of the countries you are planning to travel to for their passport validity requirements.

Other countries' border control authorities may refuse entry to New Zealand citizens with a criminal record, in accordance with their regulations. This may be regardless of the seriousness of the crime or how much time has passed since the conviction occurred. All New Zealand citizens with a criminal record are urged to consult with the relevant country's embassy or immigration authority to check that they meet the host country's visa requirements well in advance of their travel. The New Zealand Government cannot resolve immigration violation issues for New Zealand travellers.

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