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Middle East: Regional Tensions

On 3 January 2020, an Iranian military commander and Iraqi paramilitary leaders were killed in a U.S. airstrike near Baghdad International Airport.

On 8 January, Iran fired missiles against two military bases in Iraq containing U.S personnel.


On 8 January, a Ukrainian International Airlines flight was shot down shortly after take-off from Tehran. Iranian authorities have acknowledged responsibility.


On 11 March, the coalition base at Taji in Iraq was attacked, and there have been subsequent U.S. airstrikes.

The security situation in the Middle East region is unpredictable and may become increasingly volatile.

Violent demonstrations could occur in response to these events. The security situation could deteriorate with little to no warning. New Zealanders in the Middle East region are advised to avoid any demonstrations, marches, processions, and keep away from military sites.

Remain vigilant and exercise a high degree of personal security awareness at all times. Monitor the media for updates and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

We encourage all New Zealanders living and travelling offshore to register on SafeTravel, the official registration facility for New Zealanders travelling or living overseas. If you register with us, we're able to relay important information and account for your safety and wellbeing as part of New Zealand's consular response to an overseas emergency.


New Zealanders in the Middle East region requiring consular assistance should contact the New Zealand Embassy accredited to the country that you are travelling in. This information can be found in the travel advisory for the country.

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