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Indonesia: Bali: Mount Agung Volcano

There has been a marked increase in seismic activity from Mt Agung Volcano in Bali, Indonesia. Eruptions occured in late June and early July 2018, and the potential for further activity remains.

Ash clouds have severely disrupted air travel in and out of Bali - Ngurah Rai (Bali) International Airport was closed overnight on 28 June 2018. Although it has now reopened, further ash clouds could cause airport closures and the cancellation of flights at short notice. The threat of further travel disruptions remains. For more information please see Bali International Airport’s website.

If you are booked, or planning to visit Bali in the near future you should contact your airline or tour operator to confirm flight schedules and whether they are offering alternative arrangements. Most insurance providers do not provide cover for natural disasters including volcanic eruptions. We advise all New Zealand travellers to carefully review their travel insurance policy before departing.

The National Disaster Management Authority for Indonesia has assessed the volcanic alert level for Mount Agung at level 3 (on a 4 level scale). The Indonesian authorities have an exclusion zone in place around Mount Agung volcano. Residents and tourists have been warned to stay at least 4 kilometers away from the volcano's crater. Evacuation orders are in place within that area due to the potential for an eruption. New Zealanders throughout Bali are advised to follow the advice of the local authorities at all times, including any evacuation orders and to monitor local media to stay up to date with developments.

For health advice on dealing with volcanic ash please see the Ministry of Health’s website.

New Zealanders requiring consular assistance can contact the New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta on +62 21 299 55800 or on

New Zealanders in Bali are advised to update their registration information or take this opportunity to register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  

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