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Hong Kong: Demonstrations and National Security Legislation

Large-scale protests and demonstrations have taken place in Hong Kong since July 2019. Acts of violence have occurred between police and demonstrators across Hong Kong, including at the International Airport. As crowd control measures, police have used tear gas, rubber bullets, and pepper spray. Injuries have occurred. Demonstrations may be ongoing. Locations of gatherings may be unpredictable and change at short notice.

National security legislation for Hong Kong came into effect on 1 July 2020. This legislation could be interpreted broadly, leading to increased risk of arrest and prosecution on national security grounds for a wide range of activity, including protest activity, which may not be limited to activity in Hong Kong. There is a possibility of being detained and removed to mainland China for those who are arrested under the legislation. The maximum penalty under this law in Hong Kong is life imprisonment.

New Zealanders in Hong Kong are advised to avoid all protests and demonstrations, as even those intended to be peaceful have the potential to turn violent with little or no warning. If you find yourself in an area affected by demonstrations or violence you should move away to a safe place. New Zealanders are also advised to monitor local media for developments and comply with any instructions and restrictions issued by the local authorities.

We encourage all New Zealanders living in or travelling to Hong Kong to register with SafeTravel. SafeTravel is the official registration facility for New Zealanders both travelling and living overseas. When New Zealanders register with us, we're able to relay important information about local developments and account for their safety and well-being as part of New Zealand’s consular response to emergencies offshore.

New Zealanders in Hong Kong requiring consular assistance can contact the New Zealand Consulate-General in Hong Kong on +852 2525 5044, or at

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