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Germany: Invictus Games and Munich Oktoberfest 2023

Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023

The 6th Invictus Games will be held in Düsseldorf from September 9th – 16th of September 2023 

Munich Oktoberfest 2023

The 188th Beer festival will take place from September 16, 2023 at the Theresienwiese and ending on October 3rd 2023.  For those attending the Oktoberfest, please visit the official Oktoberfest website and the Munich city portal.  Ten Golden rules can be found here.

New Zealanders planning on travelling to the events should read this information in conjunction with our current travel advisory for Germany

Before you go

All New Zealanders are encouraged to: 

·         Register your details with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the SafeTravel website. This allows us to convey important information to you in the event of an emergency and account for your well-being. 

·         Ensure you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place. Make sure it provides cover for any pre-existing conditions as well as any activities you wish to undertake that may be excluded from regular policies.

·         Check the latest entry regulations for Germany.

You can also find on SafeTravel a travel checklist, information on passports and visas and advice about what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade can help with in case something goes wrong.

Safety and security

There is some risk to your security in Germany due to the ongoing threat of terrorism. New Zealanders are advised to be vigilant and keep themselves informed of potential risks to safety and security by monitoring the media and other local information sources. We recommend following any instructions issued by the local authorities and exercising a heightened degree of vigilance in public places. See our Germany travel advisory for further information.

Backpacks and heavy bags are strictly forbidden at both events and corresponding bag checks will be performed prior to participants entering the grounds. We recommend you secure all large bags and non-essential items at your accommodation.

We urge all New Zealanders to behave responsibly and to respect local laws and customs. Foreigners have been detained by German authorities for lengthy periods on charges of antisocial behaviour and assault. Lengthy Schengen bans have also been issued to offenders.

New Zealanders should be aware of the high incidence of petty crime in many European countries. Tourists are often seen as easy targets and can be most vulnerable in or around major tourist centres and sites. Be aware of pickpockets and never leave your bag or belongings unattended while in public places or on public transport. Ensure you keep your passport and other personal belongings secure when staying in hostels. As a precaution against drink spiking, never leave your drink unattended.

Where to get help

In an emergency call the European Emergency number 112 for Fire, Ambulance or Police.

Consular assistance

New Zealanders requiring consular assistance in Germany can contact:
The New Zealand Embassy, Berlin
Street Address:
 Atrium, Friedrichstrasse 60, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49 30 206 210. Email:
Office hours: Mon - Fri 0930 - 1300, 1400 - 1600 hrs.

Outside of business hours: emergency consular assistance please call +64 99 20 20 20. Or visit

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