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Argentina and Panama: Hantavirus

Hantavirus is widespread in four regions in Argentina: North (Jujuy, Salta), Central (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, and Entre Rios), Northeast (Misiones) and South (Rio Negro, Neuquen and Chubut). Earlier this year there was an outbreak of hantavirus in Epuyen (Chubut Province) in Southern Argentina. There is also a high number of hantavirus cases in the Los Santos Province of Panama. Hantavirus can be transmitted by contact with infected rodents.

If you are travelling in the affected areas, avoid contact with rodents. Do not disturb rodents and places where they burrow/nest. Avoid being around places where dust is raised, such as from sweeping and vacuuming rodent droppings. When participating in outdoor activities, choose a campsite that is open and dry, do not rest in tall grasses or haystacks, and remove food that may attract rodents.

For more information on the hantavirus generally, see the CDC website.

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