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Anzac Day 2024 commemorations in Gallipoli, Türkiye

Attending the services

The 2024 Anzac Day commemorative services at Gallipoli will be held on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 April. More information on the services, what to expect at Gallipoli and what to bring, can be found here.

New Zealanders attending the 2024 Anzac Day services at Gallipoli will require an attendance pass. This pass can be obtained by registering on the Overseas Commemorations Website.

The Gallipoli Peninsula is around a 4-hour drive from Istanbul. The nearest towns to the commemorative sites are Eceabat (20km), Canakkale (30km) and Gelibolu (45km). There is no public transport to the peninsula which is a national park, it’s recommended you go as part of a guided bus tour.

Security and crowd management at the commemorations are the responsibility of local security staff. Attendees will be subject to airport-style screening at the entrances to sites, including bag searches. Follow the instructions of security staff at all times.

Support from local health authorities at the commemorative sites is designed for medical emergencies rather than minor ailments. Bring your own first aid kit (e.g. sunscreen, band-aids and paracetamol) as these are not provided. 

Facilities designed for persons with disabilities or restricted mobility are not generally available in Türkiye.  Before organising your trip, contact a travel agent, tour operator or the local tourist authority to find out whether local transport, accommodation and attractions will cater for your needs.

Safety and security

The Anzac Day Service on the Gallipoli peninsula is around a 4 drive from Istanbul. For this region of Türkiye, we advise you to exercise increased caution (level 2 of 4).

There are a number of areas in south-east Türkiye that we advise New Zealanders avoid non-essential travel to, and we advise New Zealanders do not travel along the Syrian border. See our full Türkiye travel advisory for more information.

We advise that New Zealanders exercise increased caution elsewhere in Türkiye, including in Ankara, Istanbul and on the Gallipoli peninsula, due to the heightened threat of terrorism and the potential for civil unrest.


Terrorist attacks can take place anywhere and at any time in Türkiye. Terrorist groups have conducted attacks in Türkiye and continue to threaten further attacks. New Zealanders throughout Türkiye are advised to exercise a high degree of vigilance in public places, keep themselves informed of potential risks to safety and security by monitoring the media and other local information sources, and following the instructions of local authorities.

Be security conscious around buildings and sites associated with the Turkish government and security forces, as well as landmarks and places known to be frequented by foreigners, such as embassies, tourist locations, shopping malls, entertainment areas, public transport, airports, places of worship and identifiably Western businesses. If you are in an area affected by an attack, you should leave the immediate vicinity as soon as it is safe to do so, follow any instructions given by Turkish authorities and let your family know you are safe and well.

The security environment in Türkiye may change between now and Anzac Day. We recommend that New Zealanders travelling to Türkiye for the Anzac commemorations regularly monitor SafeTravel and our travel advice, which will be kept under close review in the lead up to the event. 

Before you go

All New Zealanders planning on attending the Gallipoli Anzac Day Commemorative Services are encouraged to:

-          Register your details on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s SafeTravel website so that you are made aware of any changes to our travel advice for Türkiye and so that we can send you important information in the event of an emergency.

-          Ensure you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place that includes provision for medical evacuation by air. You also need to check which circumstances and activities are covered and not covered by your insurance policy, as limitations can apply.  Your travel insurer should have a 24/7 emergency number.

Consular assistance at Gallipoli 

Consular staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade will be in Türkiye over the commemorative period to provide on-the-ground consular assistance required by New Zealanders attending the Gallipoli commemorations. For information on the kind of consular assistance the New Zealand Government can and cannot provide, check out the information we provide here: When Things Go Wrong.

Throughout this period, New Zealanders requiring consular assistance should contact the 24/7 Consular Emergency Line on +64 99 20 20 20.

Emergency numbers in Türkiye:

  • Firefighting and rescue services: 112
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Criminal issues in major cities: 155 (English speakers not always available)
  • Criminal issues in rural areas: 156 (English speakers rarely available).

Foreign travellers may also contact the Tourist Police in Istanbul on +90 212 527 4503 during office hours.

Associated Advisories:

See the Türkiye  travel advisory

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