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  • Reviewed: 9 March 2023, 11:10 NZDT
  • Still current at: 29 May 2024

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If you are planning international travel at this time, please read our COVID-19 related travel advice here, alongside our destination specific travel advice below.

Exercise increased caution

We advise that New Zealanders exercise increased caution in Cambodia (level 2 of 4). 

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Violent crime
Violent crime is common in Cambodia, and foreigners have been the target of sexual assault and robbery. Robbery by bag-snatching from passing motorcycles or tuk-tuks is prevalent in cities and towns and can result in injury.

New Zealanders in Cambodia are advised to maintain a high level of personal security awareness, particularly in areas frequented by tourists, including Siem Reap, the river front area of Phnom Penh and at beaches in Sihanoukville. We recommend taking steps to safeguard and secure personal belongings at all times, especially when in crowded or public areas or when travelling by tuk-tuk or public transport. Exercise additional caution at night and avoid travelling alone. Avoid displaying or wearing items that appear valuable, such as mobile devices and jewellery. No resistance should be given if you are the victim of an armed robbery or mugging as this could lead to an escalation in violence.

Cambodian law enforcement resources and responses are limited and may not provide the same services as available in New Zealand. English speaking staff may not be available.

Although attacks are uncommon, several small scale grenade/bomb and shooting attacks have occurred in Cambodia. While foreigners are not normally targeted, New Zealanders are advised to exercise a high degree of personal security awareness at all times.

Civil unrest
Political protests and demonstrations occur in Cambodia and have occasionally turned violent. New Zealanders are advised to avoid all demonstrations and political gatherings as even those intended to be peaceful have the potential to result in violence. We advise monitoring local media and following any instructions from local authorities.

There is a danger from unexploded landmines in many rural parts of Cambodia, particularly along the border with Thailand. We strongly recommend you remain on well-used roads and paths as mined areas are often unmarked.

Local travel
A Cambodia-Thailand border dispute centred around the Preah Vihear temple has led to hostilities and tensions in the past, including armed conflict. The situation has stabilised, however, we recommend exercising particular care around the Thai-Cambodian border and at border crossings.   

General travel advice
Penalties for possession, use or trafficking of illegal drugs are severe and can include lengthy imprisonment.

Exercise caution in relation to offers of employment that appear ‘too good to be true’.  There have been a number of cases where victims have been trafficked into online scamming or other fraudulent activity, with poor pay and living conditions, restrictions on movement, and the possibility of severe mistreatment.

Road and vehicle safety standards are significantly lower than in New Zealand, and we advise exercising caution when travelling by road outside major urban centres at night due to the increased risk of traffic accidents.

Overcrowding and poor safety standards on boats have caused accidents in Cambodia, particularly off the coast of Sihanoukville. We recommend you do not board any boat which you believe is overloaded or unseaworthy.

New Zealanders travelling or living in Cambodia should have a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place that includes provision for medical evacuation by air.

New Zealanders in Cambodia are encouraged to register their details  with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Travel tips

The New Zealand Embassy Bangkok, Thailand is accredited to Cambodia

Street Address M Thai Tower, 14th floor, All Seasons Place, 87 Wireless Road, Bangkok Postal Address PO Box 2719, Bangkok 10500 Telephone +66 2 254 2530 Fax +66 2 253 9045 Email Web Site Hours Mon-Fri 0800-1200, 1300-1630 hrs

See our regional advice for South East Asia

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Accredited New Zealand Embassy Thailand

Street Address
M Thai Tower, 14th floor, All Seasons Place, 87 Wireless Road, Bangkok

Telephone: +66 2 254 2530

Fax: +66 2 253 9045



Hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1200, 1300-1630 hrs

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